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The Power of the Roar with Sandie Freed
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delivered to the Empower Disciples audience on March 18, 2021
This video replay is available for 3 days until 8 am Eastern on May 25
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Attention: Christians seeking to fulfill their God-given destiny!
Are You an Empowered Disciple of Jesus Christ?
Be all you are called to be in Christ
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If you desire to accelerate your spiritual growth and awaken to your God-given purpose, we invite you to…
Empower Disciples
Living Faith for Every Mountain
Are you an empowered disciple of Jesus Christ?

Do you practically live out your faith, or do you find it is largely a mental exercise?

Are you glorifying your Father in heaven by bearing much fruit? This is the hallmark of a disciple according to Jesus in John 15:8.
“By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.”
You may agree with every principle Jesus taught in scripture, but if it doesn’t find its way into your DAILY LIFE and INTERACTIONS, then how effective is your faith?

Whether you have been following Jesus for years or are just getting started on your journey, our desire is to throw fuel on your spiritual fire by immersing you in foundational spiritual principles and then launching you into living them.

Imagine how quickly you will mature spiritually when you can…
  • choose from an array of topics to grow in the precise area where you need help
  • be mentored in your spiritual life every month with a seasoned teacher of the faith
  • receive encouragement and strengthening in a safe, loving, trusting community
You receive all this and more through our online membership Empower Disciples!
Much of the Body of Christ is asleep, satisfied with the way things are OR feeling helpless to change the culture, not knowing what to do.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you. Empower Disciples will AWAKEN you to live your life with purpose and passion. You will discover the God-given dream you were created for and live it out in a community of like-minded believers.

If you are ready to …
  • Be inspired, motivated, and energized to overcome barriers and roadblocks
  • Belong to an inspiring, supportive, enabling community of dreamers
  • Make a much bigger difference in your community, nation, and the world
… then we invite you to JOIN US for Empower Disciples!
Your membership includes
6 Free Classes of Your Choice Each Year
As a member, you can choose a new class every two months from our growing library of 80+ courses.

Your faith will grow exponentially as you apply principles from classes in four main categories:
  • Help with Spiritual Growth
  • ​Help with Purpose and Destiny
  • Help with Relationships
  • Help with Money, Work and Business
Not only does our Empower Disciples class library include our best-selling E2000 classes…
80+ classes to choose from
  • The Discerner—by James W. Goll
  • ​Dethroning Jezebel—by Sandie Freed
  • ​Experiencing the Courts of Heaven—by Beverley Watkins
  • ​Building a Strong Financial House—by Craig Hill
  • ​I Was Busy, Now I’m Not—by Joseph Peck
  • ​The Prophet—by James W. Goll
  • ​The Order of Melkizedek—by Dr. Francis Myles
…it also includes priceless teachings we haven’t made available for purchase in months or even years!
  • Living in Hope, Healing and Freedom—by Lee & Cindi Whitman
  • ​Intimacy with God—by Don Finto & Tod McDowell
  • ​Exploring the Feeler Realm—by James W. Goll
  • ​Courage to Be Real—by Susan Austin
  • ​Get Out of Your Own Way—by Sandra Steen
  • ​Master Keys of Life—by Bill Greenman
While LIVE classes are not included as part of this benefit, every Empower 2000 class will ultimately be added to the Empower Disciples class library after all the LIVE sessions have ended. This means the class offerings from which you can choose are continually expanding.

The BEST part is… each time you choose a new class, you receive lifetime access to that class on our membership site.  
You’ll also receive
50% Off all live Empower 2000 Classes
As a member, you will receive an exclusive coupon code giving you 50% off any LIVE Empower 2000 class.

This code allows you to join a LIVE class that is not yet part of the Empower Disciples library for half price—including any qualifying bonuses!
50% off all live classes
Limited Time Offer
Receive I Was Busy, Now I’m Not book by Dr. Joseph Peck as a FREE Bonus!
(Sign up by December 21 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time)
The Premier Discipleship Movement of the last days
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about Empower 2000
released on October 7, 2021
Throw fuel on your fire and be all you can be in this decade of the dynamo.
Click the play button above to watch Jane Hamon prophesy “the Decade of the Dynamo.”
Excerpt from Discerning the Times and Seasons 2020 Class
(Available in the Empower Disciples membership)
Hear from the people who have been impacted by Empower 2000…
Listen to Beverley Watkins about the heart of the Empower 2000 team
Composite testimonial video
Testimony by Shelli Miller
The teachings are so simple and easy to understand. They are helping me understand some things that God is doing in my life right now. Thank you.

– JoAnn, student in The Discerner
Thank you so much for your teaching and impartation of prayer. I really felt a shift since going through the notes and praying over these things as Holy Spirit reveals.

– Ruta, student in Dethroning Jezebel 2
Thank you Joseph. This teaching has been inspiring, challenging and life changing. I’m finding journaling has brought me so much closer to Jesus and I’m seeing so many answers to prayer.

– Carolyn, student in Uncommon Journaling for Divine Destiny
This class really changed my life. I am going back a second time to re-listen, re-study, re-read. I need to get this teaching permanently etched in my mind. This teaching needs to be my lifestyle… 

– Andrea, student in I Was Busy Now I’m Not
Thank you for this encouraging teaching to look honestly at what I really believe about work and income, spending money and my financial future.

– Andrea, student in Building a Strong Financial House
Thank you Beverly for this teaching… I have felt released from the many of the curses that had been operating in both my life and in my bloodline.

– Usha, student in Experiencing the Courts of Heaven
Thank you for sharing on the doors we must close to live in victory. I look forward to future sessions.

– Vivian, student in Freedom As a Lifestyle, Part 1
This was such a rich session with so many gems to walk away with. My heart’s desire is to be possessed by God as I tell the story of Jesus and His love.

– Jane, student in Revival Breakthrough
Summary of what you get:
6 Classes of Your Choice Each Year
  • Choose a new class every other month from our growing library of 80+ COURSES
  • GROW YOUR FAITH and apply principles from classes in four main categories:
    1. Help with Spiritual Growth
    2. Help with Purpose and Destiny
    3. Help with Relationships
    4. Help with Money, Work and Business
  • Even if you choose to cancel your membership, you will retain ​LIFETIME ACCESS to each class already chosen
80+ classes to choose from
Monthly LIVE sessions on Uncommon Journaling
  • Learn to PRACTICALLY APPLY teaching for real and tangible results in your life (Revelation + Application = Transformation)
  • ​Find a space to process what you are learning and DEVELOP COMMUNITY with other believers who are actively pursuing growth
live journaling sessions
50% Off All LIVE Empower 2000 Classes
  • As a member, you will receive an exclusive coupon code giving you 50% off any LIVE Empower 2000 class
  • This allows you to JOIN A LIVE CLASS that is not yet part of the Empower Disciples library for half price (this includes any bonuses as well!)
50% off all live classes
The Empower 2000 Guarantee
If you are not delighted with the training and the results you experience, simply email us within 30 days of when the class starts and we will either reconcile the problem or gladly refund all your money.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Guaranteed!

Your success is our success and vice versa!
Choose to be an Empowered Disciple!
Teach Others TO Teach Others (2 Timothy 2:2)
Empower Disciples
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Blessings to grow living faith for every mountain!
Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor, The Journal Guy,  and The Connector
Founder and President, Empower 2000
Joseph Peck
P.S. God has called Empower 2000 to build the world’s premier online training center and community to empower dream of millions of people globally.

You have a chance to be a part of that. Seize the opportunity! The time is NOW.

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